"OUR PEOPLE - OUR PRIDE" : that's one axiom the company firmly believes in.

Since inception Phoenix Commodity has made efforts to place itself in a competitive position in the industry by proactively responding to the customer’s needs. Weaving a fine tapestry of success, the company is on a march to recruit a team fostered by a spirit of dedication and constant innovation who can in turn take the company to a high place. There is a focus on energizing our people to think radically into finding new avenues for growth, into cultivating their talents in a competitive and quality focused environment.

We continually strive to help our employees realize their potentials who are treated as our strategic business partners. The HR philosophy at Phoenix plays a critical role in realizing business objectives by leading organizational change, fostering innovation and effectively mobilizing talent to sustain the firm's competitive edge.

The group is constantly looking out for candidates who are at ease with our ethos and would appreciate the value of perseverance, inclusiveness and the individual’s responsibility of doing the right thing at all times.

Interested candidates may send in their resumes at