In a constantly changing business scenario, maintaining a niche becomes even more challenging. In such a situation only with innovative leadership, quality management, state-of-the-art technology and committed people can make a group steal the lead over competitors. The management team at Phoenix Overseas Ltd. instills faith in this fact that success of any business depends upon owners and managers having a combination of charismatic leadership qualities and the degree to which they practice proficiency in skills effectively.

Today, the group is looking ahead to time full of promise with a spirit of adventure and a dedication to technical excellence with its committed work force. The management team at Phoenix comprises following directors.

Apresh Nandi

Mr. Apresh Nandi

It is the people who form the pillars of our success. From employees to vendors, from partners to customers, it is their contribution that builds the companies reputation and trust - this is one axiom in which Mr. Aparesh Nandi strongly believes in. With an unmatching experience in the industry, the group has come a long way under his able guidance and diligent manners of leading the team.

Jayanta Kumar Ghosh

Mr. Jayanta Kumar Ghosh

Teamwork is of prime importance to the organizations success. Mr Jayanta Kumar Ghosh, an able director of the group firmly believes that it is the joint effort and co-operation of all the members who are a part of the group that accelerates the growth process. With his unflagging effort, Mr. Ghosh has played a key role in enabling the group to execute large, medium and small electrification projects in the most efficient and timely manner.

Kanhai Singh

Mr. Kanhai Singh

The group has seen considerable growth and advancement under the charismatic leadership of Mr.Kanhai Singh. He is a person who has set high standards of work for its people. Willingness to do the right thing for its employees, group and customer as a whole is what Mr. Singh firmly believes in.

Uday Narain Singh

Mr. Uday Narain Singh

The dynamism and commercial acumen of the team leaders like Mr.Uday Narain Singh is instrumental in elevating the group to new heights. A technocrat in his field he is a person who believes that "there is a difference in knowing a path and walking the path". With his dedication, hard work and hope, the group has grown in strength and purpose over the years under his guidance and leadership.